Body Scan

The Body Scan™ is conducted in three parts and may take up to two-hours to complete.

  1. The Broadcast -- This is my energetic greeting to your body in which I introduce myself. Your body shares whatever it wishes during this introduction.

  2. Head to Toe Body Scan -- This is the largest component of the scan. Utilizing intention and attending skills, I systematically scan your body from the head down to the toes. The information your body wishes to share is written down as the scan proceeds. Each scan is unique, just as each of us is unique; your body is therefore approached without any pre-conceived ideas, frames of reference, or judgments.

  3. Organs and Systems check -- This is the last part of the scan. Your body is asked to share any further organ or systemic details that may not have come up in the scan, or to clarify and expand on something that did.

Receiving Your Scan Information

This is a 1 to 1.5 hour appointment depending on whether you chose a single or combined scan. During the appointment, I present the information reported by your body and / or auric field to you. You are encouraged to take detailed notes, or have a partner or friend do this for you, so that the information is available for reference. These notes are useful in working with your health care team to develop a successful treatment plan. Please remember this is an information-gathering tool, not a series of recommendations for treatment.

After receiving the information your body provided during the scan, it can be helpful to sit with it for one or two-days and allow yourself to consider any treatment, or action on your part. This time allows you to fully process, and often results in valuable insights. It is also an honoring of what your body has given you.

To learn more about scheduling your scan, downloading consent forms, and accessing your personality assessment profile click here.

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