Mind/Body/Spirit Scan

The Mind/Body/Spirit Scan is conducted in two parts and may take 90-minutes to complete. This scan provides body specific information as well as identifying areas of “pre-illness” resulting from patterns of emotional compromise.

This work requires you complete a personality profile that will be emailed to you after booking your session. This assessment tool identifies your personality by how you neurologically receive and process information. Knowing your neurology is important because the stress from being in on-going situations that require decisions be made in a manner inconsistent with your natural style ultimately shows up as dis-ease or illness. The degree and duration of the compromise determines the degree of illness. Where the disease manifests itself, points to the emotional issues in compromise.

During the scan, I color a silhouette showing the physical and energetic “hot-spots” in your body and auric field. After identifying the “hot-spots”, they are “examined” to determine the presence of disease, pre-illness, or energetic imbalance. Specific physiological conditions are described with attention to the emotional / spiritual issues held within the tissue.

The scan is completed by mapping the natural energy flow for your personality color type, and your actual energy flow. The information from this type of scan helps both in dealing with your health care team, and in making decisions about the life changes needed to allow your health issues to fully resolve.

Receiving Your Scan Information

This is a 1 to 1.5 hour appointment depending on whether you chose a single or combined scan. During the appointment, I present the information reported by your body and / or auric field to you. You are encouraged to take detailed notes, or have a partner or friend do this for you, so that the information is available for reference. These notes are useful in working with your health care team to develop a successful treatment plan. Please remember this is an information-gathering tool, not a series of recommendations for treatment.

After receiving the information your body provided during the scan, it can be helpful to sit with it for one or two-days and allow yourself to consider any treatment, or action on your part. This time allows you to fully process, and often results in valuable insights. It is also an honoring of what your body has given you.

To learn more about scheduling your scan appointment, downloading consent forms, and accessing your personality assessment profile click here.

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