Transformational Healing

Transformation is a healing tool.

It can assist you in releasing what is not working for you, to move on in your life, to come to terms with dis-ease in your body, and to allow your soul to find its expression. It is not a replacement for doing your own emotional work.


Your Transformation session is your time to focus on the issues you choose to release. More than anyone else, you know what is not working in your life. This healing experience is for you, not for your significant other, your boss, your parents, your children, or even your pet. You will spend your two-week preparation time isolating a maximum of three repeating themes in your life that you want to release. The process of preparation brings these themes, associated memories, and even the energetic connections to the people involved into your outer energy field where they can fully accessed during our session.

Issues or themes you can release in a Transformation session

Anything you are experiencing today that has an emotional content that resonates back into your childhood. Issues include the inability to speak your truth, fear of abandonment, not having enough money, frequently becoming involved with the wrong person, repeatedly taking the wrong job, inevitably saying the wrong thing at the “right” time, or even judging others on first sight. These behaviors go back to wounds from early childhood, or even a past life, that color the way you see and respond to everything around you today.

Results from a Transformation session

Most clients experience an immediate and profound shift in how they relate to the world. Over the following three to six-months, changes continue to unfold as old and limiting behaviors are let go, bringing you to a place of peace within yourself and with those around you—a place of Divine Grace.

Follow-up sessions

The profound changes experienced in a Transformation Session need time to be fully integrated before new issues are addressed. Most clients are actively aware of continuing shifts for as long as four to six months after their initial session. It is not necessary to readdress issues from the initial session, but it is recommended you allow the changes to stabilize before addressing new issues.

The Session

  • Most Transformation sessions are done remotely. The entire session can take between 90-minutes and 2-hours. The session appointment must be scheduled for a time and date when you can be undisturbed for that length of time. You initiate the session by placing a phone call.

  • During the initial 15 – 30 minutes, we complete your preparation work for the session. The next hour is spent working with your guides in clearing the emotional adhesions you choose to release.

  • After completion, I allow approximately 15-minutes for you to return to your body and adjust to the changes in your field before placing a phone call to you. We will spend between 15 to 30-minutes talking about what we each experienced. When past life issues are present, it may take more time.

  • It is strongly suggested you take notes to assist you in remembering your own experiences as well as my perceptions of the work.


A few days after the session, you will receive via email the format for a workbook-journal. It will assist you in assimilating the changes.

Three months after the session, we will have a short follow-up telephone call to discuss your progress and successes. Often, during this conversation what you originally remembered is suddenly seen from a new, more encompassing perspective.

After you fully integrate the changes resulting from your Transformation session, a follow-up session can be booked to address your next stage of healing

To schedule a Transformation session, click here.

Scheduling Your Session

Contact me to schedule your free consultation. Please indicate the dates and times that work best for you. You will receive an appointment date, time, and phone number to call. This is your time to ask questions. You are encouraged to be very clear about your expectations for your Transformation session. Your expectations provide a solid focus for your preparation work. It is not necessary to share any details regarding the specific issues you wish to clear, only your expectations for the results. Your Transformation session is booked at the time of your consultation for a date no sooner than two weeks later. You will need the two weeks to prepare. Click here to contact me.

An appointment reminder is sent out two-days before your appointment. If your signed informed consent form (a California State law requirement) has not been received by this time, you will need to reschedule your appointment. Click here to download the form.

At the appointed date and time you call me to initiate your Transformation session.

Cost is $300.00 USD.
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